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My objective is to develop musical excellence through lessons and performances while inspiring and cultivating musical and cultural appreciation through exposure to and instruction of music history, theory, & literature.

Holistic Approach


My goal is to nurture musical & life skills of communication, expression, and discipline through practice, performance, and personal achievement while developing a life-long love and appreciation of music.

Beyond Lessons


Should students wish to perform their whole lives or just play at home on occasion, they will be equipped to play music throughout their lives by mastering musical concepts and techniques.

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About the Owner

Haley Mayer grew up in the valley and is a graduate of Colony High School. She went on to graduate from Corban University with a Bachelors of Science in both Piano Performance & English. She has a passion for igniting a lifelong love for music in her students and is always learning new things about teaching with excellence. For fun, she loves her spending time with her little family, playing games with friends, and enjoying the arts.

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Phone: 907-232-2806


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